Pomona College Museum of Art Breaks Ground!

Here we go!

We are incredibly excited to break ground on the Pomona College Museum of Art.

While that may look like any old shovel in Superintendent Jason Fisher’s hand, it’s no ordinary shovel! Pomona College President David Oxtoby explained, it is quite special. “Over a century ago, in 1903, the third year of his presidency, Theodore Roosevelt spoke at Pomona College… He urged colleges like Pomona “to deal in so fresh a way that the net outcome shall be an addition to the world’s stock of wisdom and knowledge.’ On that occasion he planted a tree using this shovel, the Roosevelt shovel, which we use today at Pomona for every groundbreaking celebration.”

Pomona College Groundbreaking

(L-R: SVP John Cowles, Superintendent Jason Fisher, Project Accountant Ana Arnold, Senior Project Manager Bruce Arnold and Senior Project Engineer Melisa Dones)

To another successful delivery!

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